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This is Jens' story - we helped him deal with the bailiffs and set-up an affordable repayment plan.

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Our advice is trustworthy and we can usually stop bailiff action in a few hours.

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Affordable Repayments

We set up a repayment plan between you and your council or creditor.

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Our Bailiff-help services explained

We Listen

We have a team of experienced, professional case workers ready to take your call. Take the time to explain everything that's going on because we're here to listen.

Give Free Advice

Taking the right steps early will help us solve your bailiff problem quickly. We'll help you understand your rights so you don't have to feel intimidated by the bailiff.

Stop the Bailiffs

You can prevent bailiffs from entering your home but you still have a problem and you have to act. We can usually stop bailiff action within a few hours of receiving your call.

And Mediate

We mediate with your local authority to help you re-pay your council tax arrears in an affordable way. Get unfair bailiff fees removed - pay back what's fair.

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Lines open 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days A Week

Calls charged at local / national rates.

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We've helped thousands of people repay their council tax arrears

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